UFO and Their Origin and for What Purpose They Visit Our Planet.


UFO or otherwise they are called aliens.

What is a UFO, and who are aliens?

This article will tell you what I know about aliens.

UFO is a flying object of unknown origin. An unknown origin for the one who watches it!

The concept of UFOs can include anything and even some luminous objects that are terrestrial. For example, people can often confuse a flying candle with a UFO and thereby make a noise on a local street. Also, people often confuse airplanes or satellites flying in orbit. But all this does not just prove that a UFO is some kind of anomaly or something else that people do not understand.

Aliens are beings who control flying objects, which people call UFOs. Creatures are unknown to the person who observes them. This does not mean that they are not known to all living on earth. Also this does not mean that the government knows everything about all UFOs. Because modern rulers are very material and they are not very interested in what does not bring money.

Aliens are those who flew from other planets and are considered unknown to the observer, but this is a wrong judgment. Aliens quite a long time among us as with the last civilization and most often began to give out themselves after the first atomic bomb exploded in 1945. There are facts of Soviet pilots that during the Second World War they encountered UFOs. Therefore, we can say with confidence that they have long been watching us as being not quite adequate creatures.


Creatures that follow the earth process in the Moon’s orbit have different origins and purposes of presence near earth.

The moon is an earth satellite according to the official point of view. From an unofficial point of view, the Moon is the base for alien ships, which is an intersystem point of temporary stay. It’s easier to say the moon serves to monitor the earth and service spacecraft. Also on the ground, there are bases of aliens underground and in caves, which are very well hidden from the earth’s eyes.

The bases under the ground serve for some purposes that I do not know. In fact, aliens are not aliens at all, but ordinary beings of a higher level than humans. The level of a person is determined by consciousness, and not by the physical body. We are not bodies, we are a consciousness that is immortal, and the body is a temporary form of being. (Read Robert Monroe)

The task of aliens is to watch for the development of mankind, as well as for the control of nuclear radioactive weapons. They are interested in that the planet was whole and remained suitable for living both people and themselves. Aliens will not allow the use of nuclear weapons if it entails special consequences. What norms they are guided by is unknown to me.

Why among extraterrestrials and people there is no mass contact.

Aliens contact with earthlings exists and always existed. Contact occurs with people who are ready for this contact. They do not contact everyone in a row, as the contactor may die of fear. A lot of people are not ready for contact or do not have any interest in contact from the aliens.

In each contact there is a certain meaning, and if it does not exist, it is possible that aliens with not good motives come on contact. Nobody guarantees that aliens are all kind and caring. It is possible that they will kidnap you for the purpose of providing experiments on you. Sometimes kidnap children and do not return because it’s normal for them. After all, people also do not particularly experience when they put experiments on monkeys or fish.

Billy Meier

Well-known contactee Billy Meier.

Swiss contactor Billy Meier who came into contact with the aliens in 1942 at the age of five. Contacts with aliens continued until 1964, then there was a break until 1975. According to Billy Meier, contacts are taking place to this day. The problem is that few people translate Mayer’s works into English and Russian. Perhaps because of fear or simply because of a lack of adequate funding.

Billy Meier is in contact with the so-called inhabitants of the Pleiades constellation. They are inhabited by white people with a higher level of development than on our land. Thus they have long solved the problem of international wars and various competition. Often they conquer outer space in search of new uninhabited planets and populate with a new intelligent life. By reasonableness, is supposed life outside the level of modern earthlings. Earthlings in general cannot be attributed as a reasonable life is a savage barbarians and neither otherwise.

The official site of Billy Meier contains various materials on the theme of flying objects, as well as various texts of contact. Billy Meier, with the help of his friends, wrote enough books on the topic of communication with higher beings. The truth is that these books are in German and very little has been translated into English. As for the Russian translation, there is practically no one wishing to do this. So you have to be content with what’s there.

Billy Meier

Why do people not believe in other planets and life on them.

The psychology of the average person is the thinking of an ordinary bio robot. A person believes in what is within his perception according to the program. The program is made by educational institutions with the goal of creating bio robots so that they correspond to the general foundations of the life matrix. Therefore, children are taught from the childhood to believe or not to believe in anything without an independent analysis of the situation.

Independent thinking to understand is completely excluded. Therefore, an ordinary person does not try to understand something, he immediately takes the side of this or that object. In this way, people of this kind of thinking often criticize something or someone else as they are unable to understand what they do not know. The person has no cognition or self-learning factor and such a person is not fully capable of self-learning. Therefore, people of this psychic form usually perceive the truth only from so-called authoritative teachers.

Paul Hellyer

Who are the authoritative teachers?

Authorities are those whom the observer considers authorities personally for himself. A person who enjoys self-education will always be free and full-fledged. People who achieve their goals on their own they learn from their mistakes and get a unique experience. And people who make decisions through a program of authorities usually act only within the framework of the imposed program.

Schools and other institutions are making programs for the younger generation so that later they will walk the beaten path. If there are no schools, then the matrix of artificial beliefs and other installations will be completely destroyed. Therefore, people do not believe in UFOs because they are forbidden to do this on the basis of universal people programming. Installations in what to believe, and what not to believe are introduced through films, cartoons, books, and other informative sources. Thus, the individual is completely surrounded by matrix laws and concepts.

Paul Hellyer

Support for matrix life is through the substitution of human interests.

Modern man is constantly kept either in the future or in the past and thus a person does not come in a state now. The condition now forms the real being of a person and thus your consciousness guides you along the right path of life. The more often you arrive in a state now, the stronger you contact with your spirit. And at the moment, now your EGO Loses control over you, and you become the master of your life. In the average person, the master of his life is the programmer, or to be more precise, the government.

Psychology is the main factor causing all disasters and cataclysms. When a person is in the framework of his beliefs, he completely does not report on his actions. And when a person is awakened and acts, giving an account of his actions then he is free. Such people will look at any anomaly with interest and desire to understand, and will not refer an unknown object to any category. Criticism is also a problem for people who are not capable of understanding anything and are trying to realize their psychic instability.

Possible causes of contact.

Aliens very rarely can contact those who are not ready to perceive them. Aggressive aliens, kidnapping people completely loyally look at the suffering of the victim. Therefore, in my opinion, they abduct those people who are completely unaware and are ordinary cattle. And a person who realizes this world as he is and is ready to learn it, then such an individual can interest aliens. Therefore, aliens do not go on public display as this will disturb the universal psychological balance of the earth people.

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer has long said that it’s time to remove the veil of aliens and start telling people. The minister said that he knows about the close contacts of his friends with the tall white men who come to earth with certain goals. Here we take into account that Billy Meier has contact with people from outer space, and the former Canadian minister with tall white. Thus, we realize that beings in space are millions if not billions or more. The question is who exactly arrives on earth and in its orbit, and with what purposes.

Creatures from outer space are bad or good?

Creatures from outer space are like people from another country. People are both good and bad, but this definition is individual. All beings are what they are and equate them with one or another category – this is an individual matter. We often heard that there are people who were abducted and made experiments on them, which caused mental trauma to the victim. Surely these aliens are not friendly if they are evil to an earthly person. Therefore, contact with aliens can be different, both positive and fatal.

Contact with aliens can occur if you are interested in them for various purposes. Also, some people can contact them through meditation or using the technique out of body. In order to interest aliens, you must go through the boundaries of hatred, greed, anger, and other low energies. Having passed these stages of development, you can live in more harmonious conditions, and also communicate with subtle worlds. You may also have the ability to move objects without touching them or telepathic abilities.

Therefore, when you classify someone as bad or good, you act against yourself. Since you ignore the true direction of the object in relation to you. You have to go through the life path of self-development for the spirit evolution who you are. If you live by the rules of the capitalists, then beyond the boundaries of the matrix you will not leave. And all that within the matrix rules will never give you the proper development of the spirit. Therefore, you decide to be a slave or a free person.


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