Sodium Bicarbonate – How to Use for Medical and Preventive Purposes.


Sodium Bicarbonate – How to use for medical and preventive purposes.

Sodium bicarbonate is used for a variety of purposes, but often for confectionery or medical purposes. For food purposes, use pure baking soda, which is mainly made by chemical method. For medical purposes, use soda made from natural waters, which only in some countries. The difference between natural sodium bicarbonate and between the chemical is that one is extracted from lake water, and the other in chemical laboratories. Both methods are safe, but people prefer a natural product rather than a chemical.

Pure natural sodium bicarbonate is often purchased for medical purposes, and is common for confectionery or dishwashing. The bottom line is that natural soda is more expensive and you do not need to buy expensive soda for washing dishes. If the price is not important to you then buy organic, that is extracted from the lake waters. How to choose the best soda in America you can read on the link below.

Best Pure Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate uses.

Now I will tell you how I drink sodium bicarbonate and for what purposes. I drink soda from Bobs Red Mill, which is made from natural water sources. This soda does not contain chemicals and thus soda will not harm us with toxic enzymes.

I heat the water in a kettle to 90-99 degrees, a minimum 60 degrees, and then I pour a teaspoon of soda into a glass and fill it with hot water. Soda starts to hiss and when all the carbon dioxide gas comes out, I stir it up with a spoon. Then I add cold water so that the water becomes warm and drink. This procedure is done only on an empty stomach 40 minutes before eating. This procedure can be done 2-3 times a day, and if you have cancer, then 5-8 times. In the beginning, use half a teaspoon and gradually increase the dose. This course of drinking soda can be spent as much as necessary, but do not overdo it.

What is the effect of soda on your body.

Soda will stabilize PH of your blood and thereby the disease factor will decrease. Since people often consume not live food and therefore the body becomes acidic. In an acidic organism, parasitize bacteria, and in a very acidic organism, cancer begins to activate.

The water you drink should be neutral PH 7.0 not in every country this rule is observed. Therefore, Americans often add soda to ordinary water, but this is not entirely correct, because soda should be quenched with hot water.

Alkaline food is one that is alive and growing in natural conditions, vegetables and fruits. Food of another type is a poison for your body so not living food is a poison. About McDonald’s and other fast foods I generally will not speak.

The last important points about the benefits of Sodium bicarbonate!

Soda also helps to clean kidneys if there are stones or sand, but only under a condition if you do not continue to use toxins. It is necessary to understand if you decided to drink soda to stabilize PH and at the same time drink Coca-Cola, there will be no result. Mostly you have to change your lifestyle and stop drinking and eat poisonous foods. You should drink only water and eat only live food. In this case, the need for soda drinks will disappear because the body will be minimally toxic. Not a little important factor is played by the fact that fruits and vegetables should be real, not chemical.

Therefore, if you continue to eat improperly, then in this case baking soda will only play a temporary help factor. Later on, when you use dirty food, you will again be sick and sufferings will return. You also need to do weekly fasting to cleanse the body. All this in the right action will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you decide how to live and eat.

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