Lose Weight Diet Plan – How To Lose Weight Fast Eating Live Food


Lose Weight Diet Plan – How To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Diet Plan – this knowledge is derived from personal experience of starvation and nutrition of plant food. This diet program is effective only with strict adherence to its rules. It also depends a lot on a particular person and his situation. Psychological preparation and desire will change, and not get a quick and easy effect without doing anything.

Many people who have difficulty with weight do not understand why they have a lot of excess fat hanging on the belly and on other parts of the body. Thick people are asking how to lose weight fast? There is an answer to this question, which in itself bears the whole concept of nutrition for man. This article will provide personal experience, as well as literature that you need to study for those who want to be healthy and beautiful.

 Diet to lose weight fast without drugs and doctors.

The first step to lose weight is a change of diet.

First, we will touch upon the topic of nutrition, as it is the main factor of human obesity. Human nutrition should consist of at least 60% of plant foods following Paul Bragg advice. All other food should be consumed in very small quantities and then only if you find it difficult to switch to live food. Ideally, if you go to 90-100% food plant foods that do not contain GMOs. Not live food is also worth eating as cleanly as possible and looking for an alternative to GMO food. Weekly fasting for 36-48 hours helps to eliminate toxins accumulated from side effects of food by dirty food.


The second step is weekly fasting.

A person should eat only live food and then you will quickly lose weight. In addition, you need to start fasting each week for a minimum of 36 hours at a time. About the starvation well written by Paul Bragg The Miracle of Fasting You must at least starve 36 hours a week, and preferably 2-3 days. For example, you eat two days and one day (36 hours) you are starving and such a scheme will live a month. In a month of such life, you will begin to starve for 2-3 days, and then after a short respite will starve 7-10 days. Some make a course of starve for 20-40 days.

Acidosis is a sign that you are already sick with cancer.

Starvation clears the body of toxins, so we are saved by the body factor itself healing. Our body is constantly trying to heal itself, but because of the constant intake of food, people do not allow it to do so in consequence there is acidosis. Acidosis is sour blood, and sour blood is the best soil for viruses and cancer. Therefore, if you eat a lot of sour food, you will have acidosis, which will lead to serious consequences. To prevent acidosis, it is necessary to maintain acidic shellac balance of blood by taking vegetable food. The normal blood PH of a healthy person is 7.35-7.45, and the acidosis is below PH 6 and below.

The advantage of plant food.

The advantage with eating vegetable food is that it is all shellac, and all dead food is acidic. Acidosis is PH below 7.35, and alkalosis is PH above 7.45. We are alkaline creatures, and our food is our enemy if it is dead or if it is poisoned vegetables. You must know this, that every fruit and vegetable has PH above 7, and some of them contain PH above 8. The likelihood of getting alkalosis is very small compared to acidosis. Modern society is more often sick with acidosis than with alkalosis. The consequences of acidosis are much more dangerous than consequences of alkalosis.


The third step is physical activity always in any weather.

Everyone should move as much as possible is a guarantee of health and mobility. Vegetarians are very strong people because their body does not engage in constant attempts to purify themselves of toxins and therefore they always have a lot of energy. People eating dead food spend energy on getting rid of toxins and therefore they are always sleepy and weak. A person who constantly eats live food is always cheerful and active and grows old very slowly. Therefore, Paul Bragg at 95 years of running, swimming, and went on a long trip, and did not ride in a wheelchair. Therefore, you choose to be active or be a food addict who is always hungry and dissatisfied.

The fourth step is the proper intake of food and water as a guarantee of health.

When you eat, you cannot drink, and you cannot drink and eat at the same time. This rule for you is the law if you break then you will suffer! Water is used only on an empty stomach and only then is it properly absorbed by the body. After drinking water, you need to wait 20 minutes and only then start eating. After a meal should pass, an hour or two and only then you can drink, as the stomach is already empty. If you drink the food, then your stomach will produce an extra juice and this juice will damage your digestive system.

Such consequences will lead to gastritis and chronic acidity that will turn into annoying heartburn. If you drink the food, then your food will rot in your guts. When people repeat this stupid process constantly in such a case they become ill with chronic diseases. Because people have problems with acidity and suffer from gastric and intestinal diseases.

 How to lose weight fast the first steps in this difficult matter. 25 laws for a new life. 

  1. Transition of food from dead food to live.
  2. Learn the book by Paul Bragg and other writers’ books about starvation.
  3. Weekly fasting for at least 36 hours.
  4. Do not believe in official medicine. Every disease has a cause!
  5. Every month, do three days of starvation.
  6. Reduce the intake of food for one sitting, and a day.
  7. Getting rid of sugar.
  8. From liquids take only water and preferably distilled.
  9. Stop using any chemical additives and tablets.
  10. If you are sick, then remember the best doctor – its starvation, sun, clean air and sports.
  11. Start using hydrogen peroxide 3 or 35% with the Food Grade logo.
  12. Start using baking soda twice a day to cleanse the body and stabilize the PH.
  13. Remember the rule that hydrogen peroxide and soda are used only on an empty stomach in order of each other with an interval of 30-40 minutes. For example, drank peroxide, after 30 minutes drink soda, and then after 40 minutes you can eat.
  14. How to drink hydrogen peroxide can be read here.
  15. How to drink baking soda can be read here.
  16. A natural food supplement to stabilize immunity here.
  17. Every day, run at least 4-5 kilometers.
  18. Go to the gym and do exercises for explosive strength, and not for pumping muscles.
  19. Do meditation.
  20. Of liquids, drink only water.
  21. Before eating, if drinking water then you need to wait 20 minutes if with peroxide 30.
  22. Never drink food.
  23. After meals, do not drink liquids for 1.5-2 hours.
  24. Follow all these points.
  25. Find new rules for yourself.

Personal advice for those who really want to lose weight quickly.

Remember the important point that if you do not take independent steps, the result will not be. If you go back to your old dirty life after losing weight, then everything will start again. The essence of losing weight is to change the concept of nutrition, and not to get a temporary result. To lose weight you need to seriously prepare for this psychologically. Fasting will not only save you from excess weight, but will also cleanse your body of toxins. The science of starvation has many pluses and has no minuses. As for people with implants, then in this case consult a real doctor.

Once a week, starve for 36 hours on which day you choose yourself. This scheme starves 4 weeks. After such a procedure, at 5 weeks you start to starve for two days, and this is 48 hours. This scheme also starve 4 weeks. On the third month in the first week, you take a breather 7 days, and after a seven-day respite begin to starve 7-10 days. Then go on permanent fasting for 36 hours a week. All this will take three months.

During the course of fasting, eat as little as possible not live food and as much as possible live. From the first week of your new life, you start drinking soda and hydrogen peroxide for three months. In those days when you are starving, do not drink hydrogen peroxide and do not drink soda.

How to use peroxide and soda.

Woke up poured into a glass pure water PH 7.0-5 and in this glass, drip 10-20 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide Food Grade. Personally, I drip 50 drops can even more. If you have 35% hydrogen peroxide, then the dose should be less. I do not drink 35%, so I will not advise how to do it correctly. In this case, it is better to buy oxygen OxyLife.

After taking peroxide, wait 30 minutes and then drink baking soda from Bobs Red Mill. How to drink soda is written here. After taking soda, you cannot eat at least 40 minutes, and after this time, you can eat. After meals, you cannot drink water and other drinks for 1-2 hours, depending on the food you eat. This is an important prohibition since food should be consumed separately from liquids.

After eating two hours have passed, you can pour a glass of water and drip hydrogen peroxide and drink. In addition, in the evening an hour before you go to sleep, drink another glass of soda on an empty stomach. It is enough to drink soda twice a day is no longer needed, and those who have cancer can drink 5-8 times. Drinking soda with cancer can be unlimited; it all depends on your interest in this procedure.


Contraindications for the intake of hydrogen peroxide are different; the most important are the implants inside the body, which the body can begin to reject, as they are foreign. In a healthy body, there should not be any foreign objects, and modern medicine is a normal business on people’s lives. Therefore, they do not care about this law of nature; they comply with the laws of the medical mafia.

With prolonged hunger for more than 7 days, the body may begin to reject implants since it is not the organic organ of your body. Therefore, before prolonged hunger, consult a specialist if you have implants or other foreign objects in your body. Although it is unlikely that a doctor will advise you to starve or drink hydrogen peroxide because he needs clients, not healthy people. Find a real doctor or specialists from any healthy life clubs. Contraindications to the reception of soda are unknown to me; the main thing is that the soda should be drunk properly.

Diets invented a large number, but I painted one of them and pretty tough. This diet is not for everyone under the power it is harsh psychologically, but it is effective in fact. The choice is yours! Want to be beautiful and healthy learn the science of fasting and plant foods. And if you want to get sick and be a fat pig then go to McDonald’s and enjoy another batch of chemicals. Moreover, do not forget to reserve a place for the oncologist, and later in the cemetery.

If you liked the article, share it with other people and maybe more healthy people will become more. In addition, the medical mafia will have fewer clients and in the future, there will be fewer corpses in the cemetery.

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