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 Life after death or what happens after death. 

What happens after death.

This question is asked by many people who for one reason or another are interested in this topic. In connection with the escalating political events, people are increasingly confronted with the question, what will happen after death. Often people do not get the proper answer because they are looking for an answer based on standard understanding. Death is something beyond the standard understanding.

If you know yourself then you will know God.

People do not know who they are and therefore they have a thirst for self-knowledge. And the one who wants to self-knowledge is waiting for the answer in the standard form of perception. People are waiting for an answer in the form of standard thinking and do not realize that the answer is beyond the standards. It is also worth noting that one who comes to the body in knowledge does not need. Therefore, in order to get close to my nature, I need to come to the state I am here now. The contemplation of being brings you back to its original state. And proper nutrition and systemic hunger strikes will lead to cleansing the mind of dirty thoughts.

Become an observer of your thoughts.

Self-knowledge begins by observing one’s thoughts with the further goal of self-control of one’s mind. And the ultimate goal of this practice will lead to a full control of your thoughts and body. When a person regains control over his thinking then he becomes an observer, and the observer is you. You are the one who is watching, not the one who thinks. Your body is not you, and you are not your body! These important moments a person begins to understand at first, and then he begins to realize this. When there is an awareness then the person no longer needs an answer to the questions of who I am.

Death was invented by people.

In the modern world, death is considered to be the most dangerous life situation. But in fact each person perceives death in different ways. Someone is afraid of death, but some do not. The attitude of a person to death depends on his upbringing and further life self-knowledge. For many centuries, the legend of death was used to intimidate the population and control it. Therefore, the fact that people invented death has a place to be.

The modern man is constantly intimidated by death so that his consciousness is defenseless before manipulation. This is done specifically by the authorities to dominate the society and stay in power. Therefore, many authorities hold exclusively on the fear of death, but only so long as a person has something to lose. If a person is ready to die, then he either ends his life by suicide, or follows the path of revenge and kills the enemy. If a person is not afraid of death and does not pursue the goal of revenge, then the life of such person is in joy and love. Since the fear of death engenders conflict of any level. Conflicts due to fear of death can be from ordinary fights to military companies.

Modern government and its management methods.

When people create a state, together with this they introduce laws, to which all are equal. Laws are respected as long as they are of use. When the modern economy of barbarous consumption comes to a standstill, then begins the crisis. The government changes laws (often in its favor) and the people begin to look for ways to circumvent laws. Yesterday he was fine, and today he is ill so he is trying to get around the law to return to yesterday. People are attached to the state and do not want to go into a new one if it is not more comfortable.

When the crisis in society becomes stronger and stronger, then the government turns into a dictatorship. And the dictatorship, based on oppression, very quickly comes to self-destruction. Therefore, when humanity becomes a beggar, it completely loses its attachment to things since they have nothing to lose. In this case, the state becomes a territory of disagreements and subsequently drown in blood.

To keep modern power, you need to constantly distract people by consuming different goods. And when the government cannot provide it, then in this case in the country growing a critical mass. Subsequently, a critical mass leads the country to revolutions and riots. Thus, our modern society will not get rid of wars while its existence will be based on a shortage of essential resources.

Why do people often ask questions about life after death.

What will be after death such a request in the search engine today is the most popular of the category “death and life”. People ask such a question for many reasons, and probably the most important of them is that people are tired of the threats that come from the media.

The world media creates an atmosphere of possible wars and various terrorist attacks, which they themselves organize. All these organizations such as Al Qaeda, IGIL, and others are a product of the CIA and the Mossad. They were specially created to solve problems in various regions of the planet. Therefore, these organizations are good at promoting the illusion of terror.

From the mass pumping of people with false information of exclusively negative nature contributes to the mental disorder of a person watching TV. Later this will have a very negative impact on the general mental state of mankind.

A constant negative atmosphere makes a person interested in death. But not always a person finds answers to their questions. The question of death appears among those who fear it, but he who knows that death does not exist does not have fear. Personally, I’m not afraid of death. I know that it does not exist and I know that after death I will return home. And returning home is always pleasant if you know that there is one who is waiting for you.


After the so-called death, you are waiting for life. You will live forever as you lived before coming to earth. But you will be another being that will be different from what you think of yourself today. To find out who you will need to remember who you are. This will help you Eckhart Tolle, Robert Monroe, and the state of Samadhi.

Behold the being and live in love and harmony. Do not eat dead food and drink only water. In proper nutrition Paul Bragg will help you. I wish success to all the lost inhabitants of the earth.

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