Hydrogen Peroxide or H2O2 – Method of Treating a Variety of Diseases.


Hydrogen peroxide is a method of treating a variety of diseases.

Hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 is used for a variety of purposes, but recently it has been used to treat cancer by stabilizing the immune system. Also worth noting, is that we need pure hydrogen peroxide marked Food Grade. It should contain distilled water and 3% hydrogen peroxide there is nothing more there should not be.

H2O2 for internal use.

Hydrogen peroxide for internal use must contain only two substances – distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. Various preservatives and other substances should not be used. In many peroxides, there are various additives such as sodium benzoate, which we do not need. This problem often exists in Europe and other countries, and it often does not exist in the US and Britain. This means that in the US and Britain it is easier to purchase quality H2O2 without unnecessary harmful additives.

How to use 3% hydrogen peroxide.

When you have health problems, it means that you have problems with immunity. Problems with immunity arise due to malnutrition and stressful conditions. H2O2 can stabilize immunity if it is applied with water on an empty stomach. The method of application is as follows. You should have a hungry stomach pour a glass of water, drop it 5-10 drops of H2O2, and drink water. The number of drops can be increased every day, but not more than 30 drops at a time.

This procedure should always be done when drinking water, but only on an empty stomach. The course of application can be from 2 weeks to as many as you like. As for 35% hydrogen peroxide, then you should understand that the dose would be much less. Drinking clean without water H2O2 is prohibited, but only diluted with water. Further, in the bottom, the best two hydrogen peroxide variants are selected for use inside.

Contraindications for internal use are different, much depends on the individual. The most important reasons why it is forbidden to drink peroxide are a stomach ulcer, a damaged stomach or intestine, any foreign objects they are also implants, a pacemaker and other foreign objects in the body. When your immunity is stable, your body can throw out a foreign object that may be an implant in your body.

Therefore, if you have glass in your skin or stuck bullets, or their fragments, as well as fragments of explosives and other military injuries, then the body will get rid of them. Thus, it should not be surprising if, after a monthly application of H2O2, you suddenly have pain in those places where the splinter is stuck. This will mean that the immune system has detected a foreign object and is trying to get rid of it.

Baking soda is an alternative or complementary method to combat cancer and other diseases.

3% Food Grade

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide as a fight against cancer or prevention from cancer.

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