Bitcoin and Ethereum – Who Invented it and How Long it Will Live.


 Bitcoin who invented it and how long it will live. 

How Bitcoin appeared.

The appearance of Bitcoin on official data was made on January 3, 2009 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, the creation of a virtual currency was made back in the 90s by order of the CIA. The essence was to create one single currency of the digital format, which should remain under the control of the CIA. Since in the 1990s such a project was not relevant, therefore, it was postponed to better times. Thus, this product was presented as allegedly anonymous, but in fact it is not at all anonymous.

You likely often heard about how the world company of Bankers wants to appropriate all world financial market. But in order to switch from the SWIFT system to the non-cash circulation system, people must be lured under some pretext. Such an excuse was found to be anonymity and not payment of taxes. Such a system, called Bitcoin, was created and is actively promoted in the modern world. It is true that already in 2015 the US tax service has already reported that it knows how to find out who owns the capital in the Bitcoin system.

Bitcoin as a means of pumping out cash and liquidating it through the collapse of the market.

Speaking about pumping money with BTC, I mean that the world Bankers wants to take away your cash from you. Taking money out of hand is threatening a bloody fight and shootings that they do not need. Therefore, BTC was created, and its price began to gradually grow. In 2017, Bitcoin price started to grow at a very high rate and this means that there will soon be a collapse. The price grows due to the fact that they began to invest in this system, and BTC rate depends on the CIA and the opinion of the crowd. The crowd factor often affects the market trends of various securities and financial investments. But the CIA also has a strong influence and capabilities in the BTC system.

The CIA has control over Bitcoin and can identify the user.

When people say that BTC is anonymous, this is the purest lie. CIA has control over BTC and can bring down it at any time by order of Bankers. It is naive to believe that the Bankers do not have control over BTC, they completely control it. Therefore, in countries that are in conflict with the USA such as Russia, China, Venezuela, and others, BTC was banned.

Attempts to introduce BTC into the financial system of China and Russia have already been implemented. After an attempt to implement BTC was quickly blocked. The reason for ban is unwillingness to clear the consequences of BTC collapse. If in Russia citizens invest 100 million dollars in BTC, then when BTC course collapses people will lose a lot of money. And after the collapse, they will demand their return not from the US, but from the Russian authorities. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary political unrest, BTC was banned in Russia and China. Russia and China are afraid that at a difficult time, the CIA can bring down BTC and there will be internal unrest.

The CIA can specifically bring down Bitcoin and thereby the billion-dollar capital will be eliminated. After the liquidation of capital, no one will be held responsible for this. Bitcoin is positioned as a system that does not have a physical owner. Of course, for sure the owner is and this is probably the CIA, along with the US Federal Reserve. Thus, in countries where the government has autonomy, and is not an American puppet, it is interested that there is no commotion in its country when Bitcoin’s course falls.

The Ethereum system as a future replacement for Bitcoin.

You probably already noticed that you can use the Ethereum system in your wallet. This is an alternative that allows you to register transactions and cancel them if you do not agree with the business partner. Bitcoin does not have such opportunities and if you have already transferred money, you will not be returned back. Therefore, this often discourages commercial figures from using Bitcoin in large amounts. I suppose that in the near future Ethereum system will replace Bitcoin and will be very similar to usual banking system. Simply put, that everything goes to that the world Bankers is trying to entice you into a digital system of financial exchange.

Thus, Bitcoin today has a free circulation of money without control and prosecution from the tax authorities. But this is a temporary period so as not to interfere with luring people into this system. In future CIA together with tax specialists everything fast will take in hand and will begin to send you letters on payment of taxes. And against the background of Ethereum promotion the modern banking system will be liquidated and forgotten. True, what all this will turn up is still unknown. Nobody says that the Bankers will succeed, but I still tend to the fact that everything will be somehow different.


Not for the first time this gang is trying to lure people into its dirty interests and exploit the masses of working people chasing super profits. The modern financial system has almost been destroyed and it will not be saved by Bitcoin not by Ethereum. To have a resource, you need to create it, and not just print dollars and clamp financial systems. Therefore, in the near future we will see the consequences of these manipulations on human consciousness. And of course it will soon be fun when Bitcoin falls into its primary positions and people lose serious investments.

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